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Colored pencil tips


Brush & Needle is a little creative studio in the Northwest Atlanta area. It's a space where creativity meets joy and where yesterday's "I can't" becomes today's "I got it". We love arts and crafts and we’re ready to share this love with you. Our main focus are kids and our goal is to develop creativity in children, the ability to think artistically and freely, to analyze, to grow their self-confidence and freedom of choice through working in mixed techniques and all sorts of materials. 


“The importance of art goes beyond creativity, beyond exploration, and well beyond fun. An artful life trains the brain to work at finding alternatives and choices, solving problems and testing answers, and bypassing the known of accepted way of doing things to find new ways. An artful life will open the mind of a child and pave the way to becoming an adult who can think about and even create opinions - widely and wonderfully and joyfully! We need people with creative minds to keep society forming and reforming in positive ways.” 

                                                                                                                                     - Jean Van’t Hul

We hope to be a special place for families in our community by offering a range of classes, camps, workshops and all kind of different events. 


Here are the three main steps of each of our classes:

We observe. We look at illustrations on the topic every single time.

We create. In any lesson, part of the task calls on young artists to approach with full responsibility and diligence. Here, we honestly work and improve our skills.

We rejoice. An obligatory and fascinating part of all classes. Celebration of absolute freedom of creativity, experiments, unusual techniques and fantasies! 

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